Friday, January 13, 2012

Grimm's Fairy Tales

Hello All,

For your second required blog post, choose one of the original versions of a Grimm Fairy Tale that Anne Sexton has adapted in Transformations.  You can find those original tales here.

Copy and paste the Grimm's tale into your blog, and briefly (a sentence or two) explain why Sexton chose this tale (there are over 200 Grimm's tales, and she only adapted 17). 


  1. Thanks Woodman! When I read the story I was rooting for the soldier because I knew he was going to figure out how the princesses escaped every night to dance since, he had the old old womans invisible cloak.

  2. I missunderstood and thought you were going to email us the questions from class. I have question number 35, but I dont know what the question is because I didnt write it down. If you could send me the question it would be appriciated.

  3. this is Donald James by the way

  4. Thanks Woodman! To unlock a memory would mean to understand a situation? To unlock a person would mean to get through a persons wall. For example a person might have secrects but doesn't allow anyone to know them because of a previous expierience so. to unlock that person would mean to have that person's trust.