Monday, October 31, 2011

Monster Poems

Hello All,

Post your most excellent monster poems here . . .


  1. Lochness Monster at Six Flags: Andrew Jimenez, Kaela Robinson
    Where am I
    I see Bugs Bunny
    It’s actually kind of funny
    When I hear people screaming
    Screaming as if their head is near a sniper
    I feel batman and vipers
    I taste disgusting diapers
    But yet I smell something weird indeed
    The cotton candy tastes like seaweed
    All these roller coasters remind me
    Of the beach waves going up and down
    Why are people looking at me strange as if I’m some kind of clown?
    Why am I walking on land? Why am I stuck in this place? Why?

  2. Amy Ricciardi
    Miguel Comparan

    Sasquatch at Red Lobster

    Me Hungry! What is this place?
    Me want food!
    The Lobster smells like fresh kit fox that I didn't have to hunt for.
    What's Christmas?
    People say it feels like this.
    I touch people and I wonder why I'm hairy.
    There's as many people as trees.
    They're everywhere!
    Me want more Lobster!
    Where does Lobsters come from?
    It tastes so good, "nom nom nom."

    Culture Shock
    The poem "Sasqutch at Red Lobster" uses persona and many other literary devices to describe his culture shock.

  3. Frankenstein in the Mall
    By: Bre Senn and Ashley Barraza

    Why is everyone screaming and walking so fast?
    I can see the fear in their eyes.

    The smell of the perfume bothers me,
    It tastes like moldy cheese.

    Why am I so tall?
    These clothes feel so weird.

    Before I leave, I stop at Zale's Jewelry.
    The jewelry is the only sunshine in my life.

    THEME: The poem is about how he is trying to experience the human culture/ways but because humans are so judgmental on looks, he gets denied. The only thing that makes him happy is the jewelry.

  4. Godzilla in the Candy Store

    It smells in here, the bright colors are blinding my vision, where are all the people at? Can I eat the chocolate? This candy taste like Asians. I can't stop eating it, my hands are full. The colors are disappearing, I think I am going to attack every candy store. ME HUNGRY!!

    Mitch, Karissa

  5. Basilisk in Hall of Mirrors

    People are multiplying.
    It feels so cold on my belly.
    Slithering along I cannot open my eyes.
    Why am I here? How did I arrive?
    I am too afraid to see
    my reflection will guillotine my soul.
    I must escape
    Or forever live in Darkness.

    Morgan Todd and Prabhjeet Kaur

  6. I look down and see things thrash about.
    flares go off and smells of smoke
    people yelling and my itches I stroke.
    Why attack me? I have money!
    they must not understand and continue.
    I am too large an can't fit,
    I found the entrance,
    but if I wiggle a little more, POP!
    Why must I be so big and ugly?
    Why be born as Cthulhu?!
    So I walk back to my underwater lair,
    try again the next morning,
    I have time to spare.

    -Paulino & Meldanne

  7. Freddy Krueger in Church
    Aaaaaaa it burns!!!! It's hot in here!
    Get me out of here.
    The candles smell like holy wax.
    This place is a torture. I hear prayers everywhere,
    feel hot benches, and taste holy water.
    The bright light is a sun that burs my scars.
    Why am I the only one suffering?

    --Maria Bravo
    Ruby Jacobo
    Maria Badillo

  8. As I walk into the disco bar,
    The disco ball is shining brighter
    than the sun at noon.
    Arrg, the ball shines on some fine ladies.
    "Lead me to the rum," I say.
    I chug on my rum and take a deep breath
    and that is when I realize it smells like sweat.
    After viewing all this I ask myself,
    why am I still no satisfied?

    -Yasmin and Edwin

  9. Do I look scary?
    I'm an ogre of Six flags.
    Welcome to my swamp where we have roller-coasters, people screaming, lots of food and where it smells like vomit.
    The cotton candy tastes like vomit.
    And the people screaming sounds like music to the ears.
    It's a very fun place to be, so why are you of afraid of this place and me?

    --Terry's group

  10. The Cookie Monster in the Hookah Bar
    I was on my morning cookie run, when I came across a Hookah bar.
    I was sure they'd have some great cookies inside.
    Ms. Piggy lead me inside and asked what I would like.
    When i realized I only had a dime
    So it was all going to be a waist of time.
    As i got up to leave,
    the smell of something knocked me to my knees, it was as if Big Bird round house kicked me.
    I was in a cloud, everywhere I turned there was smoke around me.
    Then all these questions came to me...
    Why do I love cookies?
    Where are my cookies?
    And why in the world em I furry and blue?

    -Leonard Benitez, Salvador Rodriguez, Adrian Aguilar

  11. Dracula in Church

    Why must it hurt to believe in religion.
    There are many believers, so why am I descriminated against.
    Myths have been made and they are not true.
    The holy water does not harm me neither does the holy cross burn me.
    Yes I drink blood.
    And I ask myself don't all you too?
    Body of christ and blood from christ we all consume.
    So what is the difference between me and you?

    Raul Politron