Friday, September 30, 2011

Your Transformations Poem

Hello All,

Post your most excellent poem here!


  1. Andrew Jimenez

    Story Cinderella

    What will it take to be the princess,
    I put in so much and receive so less,
    I ask myself why me,
    If only, my real mother can see,
    As I talk to her grave at the cemetery,
    The cure lies within I’m sure,
    Life is like an unexpected adventure.

  2. Prabhjeet Kaur

    Story Rapunzel
    How would it be like to live in normal world,
    Where there will be people not me only,
    Here in this tower I spend so much time lonely,
    I don't even have anyone to talk to,
    and there is not much to do,
    Making me stay here was my mother's decision,
    But life in this tower is like Life in a prison.

  3. Meldanna Gines

    Wondering why I deserve this cruelty,
    Being neglected and abused by my mother,
    Through the window my sisters eating a feast,
    While I grub on scraps from a dogs dish,
    To the tree that bare gold,
    Please help me with my misery,
    Life is like an ocean,
    It can be calm, rough, or rigid,
    But at the end it's always beautiful.

  4. Raul Politron

    Why am I living in a lie,
    I thought I was going to live happy with my love one,but I'm not
    Why do I get pleasure of seeing others in pain for my love
    Life is like a cycle what we give is what we get.

  5. snow white

    Am i going to end up like my step mother
    why did she try to kill me so many times
    that apple looked delicious even though it was poisonous
    life is like a roller coaster with a lot of ups but more downs

  6. Gretel
    I ask myself,
    why my brother and not all this food she has,
    Then I tell her,
    why dont you first get in the oven and let me see how,
    Oh, I wish we can escape from this cannibal,
    Life is like hell.

  7. The little Peasant...

    Why did my wife let this strange man in my house?
    I cant believe there is cowskin in my house!
    You stupid cowskin. you look disgusting in my living room!
    Life is like a gamble, never know what your going to get, and who can you trust.

    kaela robinson

  8. Rapunzel

    What is the point of my hair?
    I do not like having to brush it constantly
    Hair, go brush yourself
    Life is like being in a hair prison

    Breanne Miller

  9. Story Rapunzel

    Why must I stay locked up in this tower?
    What posseses Mother Gothel to be so self absorbed, what could have been done to her to make her this way?
    Curse you long golden hair, for you are the reason I am in this cold lonely tower with no one but myself.
    Life is like a jail cell for me.

  10. The Frog Prince

    Was I born a human or a frog.
    I thought I would never get out of this well.
    I am a human again.
    Life is like a game.

    Maria Badillo

  11. Red Riding Hood

    How could i not tell the wolf was my grandmother,
    Who sends wine to a sick person, my day wouldnt have been so much like hell had I not been sent,
    Wine, why would anyone give you to a sick person, I do not understand what good you could do.
    Life is like a mystery.

  12. Rumpelstilskin
    --Yasmin Ramirez

    Why must I long for a son, whom I can not obtain?
    How is it that even after I helped a girl in hope for her first born I still did not get it.
    Why did I unconsciously state my name?
    Life is like a game, you try to reach an objective but at times you lose

  13. Rumpelstiltskin
    How did she ever figure out my name?
    Why won't I ever be called papa?
    Cure the devils that told her my name!
    Life is like a four-walled prison.

  14. The Musician

    How did that fox escape from my trap?
    That fox ruined my plans
    I have to start my plans all over
    Life is like a cycle

    --Ruby Jacobo

  15. Snow White

    How can there be such evil people in the world?
    How come people don't leave me alone and let me be happy?
    Oh mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the most beautiful of them all?
    Life is like a hamster wheel, history repeats itself all over.

    -Salvador Rodriguez

  16. What is a friend? What is family?
    I don't like being isolated.
    Why must this prince continue to lust after me?
    My life is like a flower, waiting for water and sunlight so it can blossom into Rapunzel

    something beautiful.

    -Amy Ricciardi

  17. What is a friend? What is family?
    I don't like being isolated.
    Why must this prince continue to lust after me?
    My life is like a flower, waiting for water and sunlight so it can blossom into something beautiful.

    -Amy Ricciardi

    the one before got messed up.

  18. Why can I not be treated like my two sisters?
    My mother so abusive forcing me to eat craps from a dog bowl.
    What have I done so right where I now live with a prince in a castle?
    Life is like a new flower blossoming.

    -Kristina Gonzalez

  19. Iron Hans

    Why does this ball guide my life?
    How can something so simple bring so much opportunity
    From friends to lovers its all the same
    In the end the ball is always to blame

    -Karissa Veiga

  20. The White Snake

    Do i have the courage to open the tray and see what the king eats every night?
    Every day I feed this king and he never gives thanks!
    Dear white snake, why does the king eat you every night.
    Life is like a bag of candies

    Guadalupe Perez

  21. Cinderella

    Why must I have a life where everything seems to always go horrible for me?
    I need to leave this life and start a new one independently.
    Only if my father knew what kind of lady he married.
    Why did you leave me with these people, I ask when I look at my father’s picture every night.
    Life is like an ocean, it may have times where it is rough and uncontrollable, but at the end it is beautiful.

    Guillermina Martinez

  22. The soldier

    Why did I choose to see where the princesses where going,
    While so many others have.failed,
    I'm following them through a long road, staying up all night.
    The invisible cloat,make me invisible where they can not see me.
    Life is like pie.

  23. Irons Hans

    Why is it I had to be transformed into a wild Person?

    I like to shower every now and then

    But not in the wild!

    Why must you follow me you cursed stench?

    Life is like a cruel stink of a joke.

     --Michael Stanton

  24. Rumpelstiltskin:
    What do you have for me?
    I want only one thing..
    Have you cursed this body leaving me only to trade?
    Damn these legs! I want only one thing!
    Life is like spinning straw to gold,
    I will work like hell 'til you sell your soul.
    --Jayme Marotta

  25. And so he said,
    "let there be light" and there was darkness
    placed into a caste of dust and regardless.
    The architect of life, now giver of death
    with pats of the hine and at last one bless.
    Left to be found by the sinning wolf
    but in the end found by the sweet tooth.
    Daydreams and hopes of a new womb
    just to discover it's the same tomb.
    Both dead and served with a side of wine
    what delight to sleep for another night.
    The birth giver blood still runs in one line
    hoping this one knows the meaning of divine.
    Life is nothing without love.

    -Paulino Auyon

  26. Rapunzel

    Is there such life outside of this tower?
    Mother Gothel's ignorance and selfishness holds the key to the secrets of the unknown world.
    Crying and wishing for the moment these four walls answer my questions of life.
    Life is like a master key; numerous rooms to enter, but all unknown.

    Daniel Cortes

  27. Cinderella

    Why was I not protected?
    Working. Sewing. Sweeping.
    All for nothing.
    My slippers.
    Thank you for fitting.
    Thank you for everything.
    Life is like a fairytale.

    - Morgan Todd

  28. Cinderella

    Why Don't anyone love me?
    Why am i to suffer?
    Why Cant i ever be happy?
    Will I ever find my Prince?

    Guess fairy tales do come true....

    - Janette Zamago