Friday, January 7, 2011

Post for Monday, Jan 10

Hello All,

As we'll discuss in class on Monday, Anne Sexton uses Transformations to re-tell (or revise) 17 tales from the Brothers Grimm.

For Monday's post, read one of the Grimm Brothers' tales and briefly describe one change Sexton has made in her version of the tale.

Here's a link to the Grimm Brothers' Household Tales, and here's a link to Professor D.L. Ashliman's work on fairy tales and the Grimm Brothers.

If you're curious about Anne Sexton, here's a link to her biography and to some of her other poems.


  1. Edgar Moreno "Rapunzel"
    In Sextons version of Rapunzel, she changes the part after the witch discovers the king with Rapunzel. In her version, the witch cuts off Rapunzels hair, where as in the Grimm Brothers Tale she does no such thing but only bans him. Thereafter the story continues similarly.

  2. Nancy Reyes English 101
    "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"
    In Anne Sexton's version of Snow White she changes Snow Whites' age to thirteen years old, making her seem more mature and no longer a child, also she describes her as a "lovely virgin" in which she uses a metaphor. This tells the reader that Snow White is pure, beautiful and makes the reader fill in the blanks. While in the Grimm Brothers version of Snow White she is only seven years old which makes her seem like a child, and when they describe her they describe her using similies. "White as snow, lips as red as blood, hair as black as ebony..." which gives the readers a specific visual image of Snow White.

  3. In the Grimm Brothers' Rapunzel the witch wants the man's first-born to satisfy her maternal instincts by admitting that, " It will go well for the child, and I will care for it like a mother". In Sexton's Rapunzel the case is different, Mother Gothel only wants the child to satisfy her carnal instincts for " A woman who loves awoman is forever young". Mother Gothel loves Rapunzel to her advantage for she only wants to receive love in return.

  4. In "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs," Anne Sexton portrays Snow white to be a modest "lovely virgin". Also, in Sexton's version of "Snow White" she changes Snow Whites' age to thirteen. She also adds on and/or changes certain things that actually do occur in the original "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs". A change that really caught my attention was at the end when Snow White is laying in the glass coffin and the Prince's men are carrying the coffin and accidentally drop it and the apple flew out of her throat. I thought that was weird and awkward.

  5. Renelle Gisyer commenting on Anne Sexton's version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

    Anne Sexton does make a few changes in the Grimm Brother's original version of "Snow White". Sexton did describe Snow White as being a virgin, meaning that she is pure, untouched, or even unsoiled. In Sexton's version of Snow White, she still used the way Snow White was cured from the poison apple ( Grimm Brother's wrote that when the prince was making the journey back to his castle, the coffin hit some bushes "...and with the shaking the bit of poisoned apple flew out of her throat."), but the end of Sexton's tale is different from the Grimm Brother's. Once Snow White is the fairest of the land and her obsessive stepmother was finally dead, Sexton makes Snow White seem like she is now addicted to beauty like her stepmother was by writing that "Snow White still refer[s] to her mirror as women do."

  6. Elizabeth Fernandez
    "Hansel and Gretel"

    Anne Sexton's version of Hansel and Gretel is much shorter than the Grimm Brothers version since she cuts off much of the ending. Almost all of the story is pretty accurate but the way Sexton describes their way home is brief and doesn't explain how they got home, she instead chooses to be much more descriptive of the witches demise in the oven. In contrast, the Grimm Brothers ending is much more thorough because he describes the children finding pearls and precious stones, they cross a river on a large ducks back and return to their grieving father.

  7. Anne Sexton's version and the Brother's Grimm version of "Cinderella" both include a task that is given to Cinderella by the evil stepmother before she is allowed to go to the ball. "I have scattered a bowl of lentils into the ashes for you. If you can pick them out again in two hours, then you may go with us." However, in the Brother's Grimm version Cinderella is given a second task of
    "You may go if you are able to pick two bowls of lentils out of the ashes for me in one hour." So, Anne Sexton changed that in her version of the tale and included only the first task.

    Jaime Nelson
    Engl 101- MWF

  8. Red Riding Hood

    Sexton's version of Red Riding Hood stays true to the original Grimm Brothers' tale. However, Sexton retells this story in a mocking manner, as if criticizing the original work. When Red Riding Hood is going to bring her ill grandmother wine and cake, Sexton questions, " Where's the aspirin? The penicillin?" Sexton also refers to the wolf as "a kind of transvestite."

    Dakota Warren

  9. Marlyce Haugen
    In Sexton’s version of the tale “ Snow White”, Snow White is portrayed as a thirteen year old who is beautiful as a porcelain doll. While the Grimm Brothers tale, describes her as a beautiful seven year old. Another difference between the two tales is how the apple was forced out of Snow Whites throat. In Sexton’s version, the princes men trip over a bush which causes them to drop the coffin, and then the apple pops out of Snow Whites throat. However, in the Grimm Brothers tale, the coffin is accidently shaken up, which causes the apple to be forced out of her throat.

  10. Daniel Vaughn
    In Sexton's version of the tale she uses a few metaphors when trying to give a vision of someone or something. For example she uses lovely as a grape to describe how the miller's daugther looks, and Grimm Brothers uses just plain jargon to describe how the millers daughter looks beautiful. Another one was how she describe the dwarf looking ugly as a wart. Grimm brothers just states he walks in and asked why are you crying and she explains why and helps out for a trade for a necklace. Sexton explains what is inside of many of us and how having a enemy within us or is trying to come out of us then proceeds to telling the tale; Grimms Brothers goes straight to the tale. Sexton, also has more rhymes to the tale and Grimms Brothers really doesn't.

  11. Jose Ojeda
    English 101
    In Anne Sexton's transformation of Sleeping Beauty, she exagerates the protection of Briar Rose's father rather than the curse of the thirteenth wise woman. Sexton writes in the first person, "my father thick upon me like some sleeping jellyfish."
    Sexton also explores past the original authors' story. While the original ends at Briar Rose gets married and lives happily ever after, Sexton extends the story and creates a new fear for Sleeping Beauty. The fear of going to sleep. Sexton explains Briar Rose's deep sleep as if she transcended into another demension. Everytime she falls asleep she goes into this prison. Anne Sexton compares Briar Rose's prison(place of sleep) to her prison(life before death). Briar Rose's coming out of prison is upon waking, whereas her's is life after death.

  12. Jevan Lane


    Both Anne Sexton's revision and the Grimm's Brothers version of “Cinderella” are similar in that Cinderella's mother die's and asks her to be good and plant a tree that she can refer to at anytime for anything. Additionally, her father is a rich man that remarries to an evil women with two daughters in which is now Cinderella's stepmother. However, Sexton's version verse the Grimm's Brother's differs with the planting of the tree. In the Grimm's Brothers version, Cinderella just plant's a tree. Whereas in Sexton's her father gives her a twig as a gift from town, in which she plants on her mothers grave. Furthermore, Cinderella would only need to shake the tree in the Grimm Brothers tell, as oppose to Sexton's tell, where she referred to a dove that would grant her wishes.

  13. Rapunzel

    In the Grimm's Brothers version, after years of misery, the King's son went to the place "where Rapunzel lived with her twin-children that she had borne"; but on the other hand, Anne Sexton doesn't mention this detail in her version.
    Also, Sexton is showing is her version a different kind of love from Mother Gothel to Rapunzel, which gives a totally different personality to the witch. Sexton transforms the Grimm's Brothers tale into an adult tale.

  14. Rapunzel

    As I read the Grimm's brother’s version of Rapunzel, I felt rather bored. They’re story was much longer and sextons felt like it got through the main points of the story. Sexton’s version was very disturbing in the way that the witch would say sexual things. I thought Anne sexton’s version was a lot more interesting and different from everyday fairy tales. Anne Sexton is beast!

    manuel gutierrez

  15. Kamice-"Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs"

    In the Grimm brothers' version of "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", they referred to Snow White's age as seven, which is younger than the age that Anne Sexton believed Snow White was. Anne Sexton said that Snow White was walking in the wilderness as if she was not frightened. The Grimm brothers described her as being terrified and she was trying to retreat somewhere quickly. I believe because of the age difference that both of the authors proclaimed Snow White was, led them into making her journey of escaping out of her evil stepmother's presence to be either a rapid or slow pace get away. Basically, Snow White's reaction to the situation according to the authors' perspectives was different.

  16. Katie Reed
    "Little Red Riding Hood"
    Sexton made a small change to the ending of her version of Little Red Riding Hood. At the end of the Brothers Grimm’s Little Red-Cap the Huntsman skinned the wolf and left while the grandmother ate the cakes and drank the wine. There was also a second wolf that tried to trick Red-Cap the next time she visited. She had learned her lesson and resisted the wolf’s attempts. She and Grandmother drown this wolf in a trough.

    Sexton’s version ended with the Huntman, Grandmother, and Red Riding Hood enjoying the cakes and wine together beside the wolf’s corpse. Sexton also states that Riding Hood and Grandmother remember “nothing naked and brutal from that little death” (79).

  17. In The Brother's Grimm version of "The White Snake", I believed that to be much more in detail and less poetic than Anne Sexton's version, much more of a short story. The Brother's Grimm version mentioned every little detail when it came to the servant facing any dilemmas. In Sexton's version, the poem says the servant found the ring in the duck's belly, as opposed to the Brother's Grimm version which says he ate a piece of the white snake and then received the power of hearing animal voices, and he heard the duck speak about how he swallowed the queen's ring. Anne Sexton's change in the book was at the end when she changed from the Brother's Grimm of living happily ever after to the more questionable "They played house, little charmers, exceptionally well", to which I believe she meant that they lived together and pretended to be happy, but there might be an undertone of regret or unhappiness.

    -Bryan Lainez

  18. In most of Sextons storys she changes up quite a few things compared to what the Grimm Brothers have in most of their story line. for the reason that in the Grimm Brothers story line it does not have as much violence and as brutal things. As in Sextons version like Rapunzel the witch actualy cuts Rapunzels hair off when she finds out she has been witht the king. so Sextons versions are much more out there.
    Alfredo Moreno

  19. In "Snow White by Anne Sexton snow white is 13 and in the Grimm Brothers she is 7. Another difference is that in the Grimm Brothers tale
    first an owl, then a raven, and lastly, a dove mourned for snow white and Anne Sexton never mentioned that.

  20. Anne Sexton's version of Rapunzel is slightly different than the Grimm Brothers' version. Anne Sexton uses sexual connotation of Rapunzel. Mother Gothel is in love with the young Rapunzel and wants her for herself.
    The Grimm Brothers' version never mentioned Rapunzel and the Prince sleeping together but Anne Sexton made that apparent when she wrote "Yet he dazzled her with his dancing stick."
    -Joni Lagerstrom

  21. Rapunzel

    Sexton did not include the little story on how the husband went into the garden twice. She made it more interesting by removing the unnecessary parts and getting to the main points of the story.


  22. Rumpelstiltskin
    Anne Sexton added to the beginning and the ending of Rumpelstiltskin. She begins the poem of Rumpelstiltskin saying that everyone of us has a small old man inside of us that wants to get out. Sexton describes the small old man as a dwarf. After she goes into the story and for the most part the story is the same she did change some of the wording so that the story would work as a poem, but the main story line is the same. Then in the end she describes what Rumpelstiltskin becomes after splitting in half and dying, "one part soft as a woman, one part a barbed hook, one part papa, one part Doppelganger.
    Briana Palma

  23. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
    Analysis between Sexton and Grimm

    Sextons version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs had many different aspects of the fairytale. From the very beginning Sexton portrayed Snow White as a beautiful pure adolescent, whereas Grimm's version of Snow White was an innocent 7 year old. Towards the end of the story when Snow White is in her coffin, Sexton's version of the story states that the Prince stood in awe of the princess for a long time and the Dwarfs then offered to have her coffin moved into the castle. While moving her coffin, it drops forcing the apple out of her mouth and thus her awakening from her sleep of death. In the Grimm Brothers version the prince asked the dwarfs for the coffin and on the way to the castle the coffin hit a few bushes and the apple fell out of her mouth.

    -Daisy Gonzalez

  24. Cinderella

    Both Anne Sexton's and the Grimm Brothers "Cinderella" is very similar. The only big difference I noticed in Anne Sexton's version was her dry humor in the last stanza about how "Cinderella and the prince lived, they say, happily ever after, like two dolls in a museum case...".

    -Melissa Flores

  25. Yareli Lopez
    As I read through both Anne Sexton and The Grimm Brothers story of “Rapunzel” they differ from one another. Sexton doesn’t mention the part of the husband walking into the garden, where as the Grimm Brothers do. Another difference is that Sexton mentions the witch cutting off Rapunzels hair. Also, Sexton doesn’t mention Rapunzel having twin babies at the end. Sexton leaves out parts of the story that let you get through it faster and it covers the main points as well.
    -Yareli L.

  26. In comparison to the Brother's Grim and Anne Sexton, they both had similar versions of "Rapunzel." Anne Sexton explained the story more. For example, in the Brother's it was never revealed why or what the witch was doing when she would go to see Rapunzel. Yet, Anne Sexton's version portrays that the witch and Rapunzel has an intimate relationship and play "mother-me-do" and states "A woman who loves a woman is forever young" which says to me there was more to the story than the Brother's Grim vague version.
    Janene Wendrick

  27. The version of "snow white" is fairly different.There were many differences in the stories but the main one was the ending. Anne Sexton's version was changed most when getting to the end of the story. When the dwarfs took the coffin they accidentally dropped it forcing the apple to come out of her mouth, but in the Grimm brothers story, the coffin hits bushes causing the apple to come out of her mouth to wake her up and bring her back to life.

  28. Anne sexton's version of the wonderful musician was alike in many ways but different as well. Sexton's version talks about people and animals wearing electric shoes and dancing with them whenever they heard of good music. All the anials that came across the musician in Sexton's version wore these electric shoes and danced to the musician's music. The brother's grim version however never mentioned of these electric shoes that made you dance the death dance.

  29. the comment above was by brandi woolsey

  30. hello everyone!
    I've read the Rapunzel story many times before, and personally I love that story and I believe is a great story for children. It seems as if every time I read Rapunzel I manage to find something new. In this case the Grimm Brothers and Anne Sexton had some similarities, but I believe that in Sexton version she has a more mature audience and the Grimm Brothers keep it rated G.
    Maria Gonzalez

  31. David Maciel GonzalezJanuary 10, 2011 at 10:41 AM

    Sexton uses the original version of the Red Riding Hood. She changes it up a bit by talking in her own words, referring to "wine and cake" as "Aspirin? Pencillin?" Fairy tales are drawn to be changed through out the years, and Sexton brifely keeps The Red Riding Hood original theme.

  32. Lindsay Davis

    As far as the plot and the story, Sexton doesn't stray to far from the eerie compilation of the Grimm's fairytale. I did notice the metaphor being used throughout the tale as this creepy little man being a "doppelgänger". Sexton is implying that this evil little man is "the enemy within". He is her devil on her shoulder, her gross impulse. In the Grimm's version I believe this dwarf to be a complete separate being from the miller's daughter but Sexton has woven them together with the same thread, perhaps the color being black.

  33. Anne stories as clearly different from those I grew up listening to. She retels Brother Grimms fairy tales. I picked Snow White and the seven Dwarfs. THe queen is evil that is known but she is very discriptive in having Snow WHite killed and bring her back her heart she would salt it and eat it. At the end the Queen dies wearing these shoes of iron that are hot and she gets fried. A big difference from the poison apple.

    Gloria Gonzalez

  34. Grace Vega
    Snow White
    In comparing both stories of snow white, Ive noticed that they have two different ages for her such as in the Grimm story they describe Snow white as a seven year old daughter that is as beautiful as day, where in Sextons version snow white is a 13 year old young girl who is doll like. the story has two different endings. where in Grimm's version the king orders servants to take the casket away and as they do so they stumble over a bush which shakes the casket and moves the piece of apple out of snow whites throat bringing her back to life. In Sextons story the dwarfs are the ones who dropped it and dislodged the apple which brings her back to life.

  35. - Steven Marquez
    In Sexton's version of "Snow White", the prince fell in love with Snow White immediately, and he refused to leave her lifeless body. He was there for so long that the seven dwarfs felt sorry for him and gave him Snow White's body. In the Brothers Grimm version. The Prince fell in love with Snow White, and made a plethora of offers for her. It wasn't until the prince offered them a lavish lifestyle that the dwarfs gave in.

  36. Anne Sexton version of "Snow White" is a lot different from the fairy tale version we all grew up learning throughout the American culture. Her version is much more mature and are meant for adults. Her version is very symbolic for example, "This time she brought a poison comb, a curved eight-inch scorpion, and put it in her hair and swooned again." Which is completly different from the original version when Snow White notice things as the story goes on.

  37. Anne Sexton's version of Snow White is very different from the Snow White most people are familiar with. In Sexton's version, Snow White is a thirteen years old, which makes her seem more mature and no longer a child like how she is in the Grimm Brothers version. Sexton also describes Snow White as a "lovely virgin" in which she uses a metaphor. This tells the reader that Snow White is pure and beautiful.

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